Defining Internet Browser

People get used in calling internet browser and other related terms used to refer the former. Still, the question lies on what really is an Internet Browser?

An internet browser is simply used to access the internet and display searches that you want. It allows the graphics, texts and links to be displayed in the screen. Besides, it can also give multimedia resources like sounds and videos, though some may require you of plug-ins. Examples to this are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, AOL Explorer, Apple Safari, and Opera. One from these examples is necessary in searching and surfing the net.

There are about some common parts of the browsers that you may see from one to another. As such, some buttons like ‘Back’, ‘Forward’, ‘Reload’, ‘Home’, ‘Search’, ‘Print’, ‘Stop’, ‘Location’ and ‘Bookmarks’. Discussing it further, below is a short definition of each.

The ‘Back’ button has the function of bringing you back from the previous site or page you had visited earlier.

‘Forward’ button will send you forward to the page you have visited before.

Next, the ‘Reload’ button will refresh and reload any page that you have in the screen, it is for purposes when the page you have entered don’t load fully.

However, the ‘Home’ button upon clicking will bring your set homepage.

The ‘Search’ button is for purposes of shortcuts to search engines in the page.

Then, the ‘Print’ button makes sure that you are able to print the page that you like in the screen. Upon clicking, it will give you the hardcopy of the viewed page.

‘Stop’ button holds any loading page or commands any processing page from successfully performing its activity.

The ‘Location’ button allows you to enter the site that you want to visit; it also has the list of sites you visited before.

Lastly, the ‘Bookmarks’ will help create a shortcut to your previously viewed page and allows you to bookmark page you want.

Above are just few of those few similarities, while the others are unique from one browser to another. Like, Internet Explorer has features unique from the Mozilla, and vice-versa.

Henceforth, it is a requirement rather than an advice to put pop-up blockers for internet browser and maintain an internet anti-virus protection for computers to keep away from intrusion and damage. This is simply because, with the former attach, you can choose what and which websites you don’t want to see; while the latter is to keep your internet browser performing well without delay from viruses and unwanted ads.