Lunascape? Seamonkey? Camino? 3 Web Browsers You Might Not Know Of

We all have heard of Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, and Safari. Maybe even Opera or Flock, but have you ever heard of Lunascape? It’s just one of many little known browsers out there on the web that you can use, and like most of them..its free! Just like the popular browsers, these browsers come loaded with features and with access to hundreds of plug-ins, and can be just as functional, if not more than the popular browsers.

Below is a list of three browsers I found to be great alternatives to IE, FireFox, or Safari.

Camino 2

The Camino 2 web browser is a neat and compact web browser designed for Mac OS X users. It is an open source web browser designed with many features like tab overview and built-in malware protection. Blocking Flash is a lot easier with Camino 2 and the cool tab overview feature lets you see thumbnail pictures of all the sites you have opened in Camino. It also supports AppleScript which helps you automate a lot of your browsing tasks and they also have a good site explaining the browser migration process to make it simpler to switch browsers.

Current Version: Camino 2.0

OS: Mac OS X 10.4 or later


Seamonkey is actually an all-in-one internet applications suite. It has a web browser, advanced e-mail, newsgroup and feed client, IRC chat, and web development tools. It definitely has more of an appeal to advanced users and web developers. It also has many of the features that you already be use to like tabbed browsing, but with added features like multiple home pages and an undo tab feature which lets you retrieve accidentally closed windows. It has this cool feature called Chatzilla which is a very easy to use IRC client. For you web developers, it also has a great DOM inspector which lets you take a peek and all the Javascript and CSS styles.

Current Version: Seamonkey 2.0.2

OS: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X

Lunascape 6

Last but not least is Lunascape 6. This one is my favorite out if the three and have actually started using it more often. It is the world’s first triple engine browser. Which basically means who can have the performance, speed, and functionality of IE, FireFox, Chrome and Safari all in one browser. In other words you will see the website no matter what browser the website was intended for…if it was made for IE, Lunascape will use the IE engine…if it’s made for Safari, Lunascape uses the Safari engine, you get the point. Also any add-ons you might have in IE or FireFox are totally compatible with Lunascape. For web developers, Lunascape lets you open the same website in all three rendering engines side-by-side to easily check browser compatibility. This is actually one of the fastest and most versatile browsers I’ve ever used and have actually started using it on a regular basis. I definitely recommend trying it.

Current version: Lunascape 6.0.1

OS: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X

There are still plenty of more browsers out there you can check out that aren’t mentioned here so I encourage you to search out there for new browsers to discover. As you can see there is web browser life outside the ever popular browsers we all know and love. Hell, you might even change and never look at your current browser again.