Easier Done Than Said to Make Google My Home Page

Regardless of browser, what is set as your home page speaks tons about your character. Since this is not an article to dissect and delve into the psyche, let us leave it as that. Being a proud owner of a computer, you naturally prefer your browser to open with a web page of your choice as you do not want to be constantly reminded of monopoly in the internet world. Other reasons which call for setting of a home page can be driven by subconscious rebellion against corporate IT policies or going with the flavor of the month. Whichever the case may be, your question is obviously “how do I make Google my home page”. Using Google as an example does not necessarily mean it is the holy grail of home pages. It just implies that Google is as good an example as the next web page.

In finding out how to accomplish this arduous task, the easiest method is perhaps to Google it. Bearing pardon to the paradox, search results bearing clear instructions are a great help to the technically inapt. Since there are a number of different browsers available, some more common than others, it is best to identify the set of instructions suited to your browser. Although they seem to share similarities in features and functionalities, browsers are still proprietary applications, each with its own set of do’s and don’ts. An easy method is to open your browser and enter the URL for Google at the address bar. Once the correct web page is opened, look for the option which leads to browser settings, normally identified as tools or preferences. Find an option which allows you to set the currently opened web page as your browser’s home page. Click to confirm and you’re done.

If the above sounds too complex, despair not. By asking how do I make Google my home page in a less complicated manner, there is apparently an answer. There are some specific web pages which present you with the single-click method to set Google as your default page. The driving force to persuade these web site developers to create such functions may stem from incredible compassion towards challenged web users. Otherwise, it may be a brainwave due to a challenge to accomplish what is yet to be done, or absolute boredom. Whatever the intent may be, this is certainly a welcome relief as fiddling around with browser settings can prove to be daunting to both users and system administrators.